Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Patience..the true teacher within nature

It might take some time, but even a Great Blue Heron who has been statue-still will eventually do something interesting! But that something wasn't caused by a fish looking to get caught and it wasn't caused by another creature trying to claim territory....., it was caused by, none other, than that itchy little need to scratch!
Those long toes make perfect scratchers as the heron rakes through his feathers on his neck and head, not once but three times those sharp claws slipped over the side of his face...
and all the while he shuts his eyes in apparent relief... ahhhhhh
that's better!!
and as a finale for those of us who have been watching from a far, he turns and flaps his wings as if to say, watch me long enough and I will always give you something worth photographing!!


Shellmo said...

Oh Tina - this made me laugh out loud with him itching himself! Great shot!

Bird Girl said...

Now...I have watched a LOT of herons and I have never seen one scratch like that - oh...don't you just wonder how they keep from poking an eye out with those LONG clumsy feet?
Great catch and I'm glad you stayed. The last shot looks like he is leading the ducks in a song - haha!

Eve said...

Just great Tina!!!

fishing guy said...

Tina: Great captures today and a neat story. I do think that last picture was saying 'You geese hit the road, I'm fishing here.' I've had these captures with geese flapping.

Dave's Bird Watching Blog said...

Beautiful pictures and a fun story, Tina! You're as good a writer as you are a photographer! Herons are a favorite of our family, along with the blues, of course.

jalynn01 said...

great story Tina and you are most definitely right about having patience to be a bird watcher and also having lots of free time doesn't hurt either. None of these birds can be rushed into something fantastic. .. we must wait..Glad you stayed for the finale...heron with both wings up flapping a happy goodbye! Nice shots!

Craig Glenn said...


I really enjoyed your story and the pics of the heron. I have been enjoying sitings of wood storks here in central florida and can't wait to blog about it. Hoping for a pic but I am having camera trouble. So maybe I will just have to be a good story teller like you! Once again, great story.
Well wishes,

NCmountainwoman said...

Oh, how cool is that? Great photos of some rather strange actions. Fantastic!

Tina said...

Shellmo..thanks, it's good to laugh! Thanks for visiting!!

barb, yea you're right he does look like he's leading a chorus!! That would have made a good caption too!

eve, thank u!!!

fg, it was fun to capture him slapping his wings around!!

dave, I love to watch these guys too and also the snowy you never know what they are going to do next!! It's just the waiting that gets me..I eat all my snacks the first 10 mins I'm there. lol

jalynn, thanks and ya know patience isn't really my thing..but I'm getting better at it!

craig, central fl. cool! you should get some great shots (when you get your camera fixed, hope its soon) of some neat birds. looking forward to it!! Thanks for stopping by.

ncmountain, thank you, and you're right they were some odd actions..but I just read this morning that herons do this head and neck itching all the time!! First time I ever saw it!! :)

Mary said...

BEEEUTIFUL! My favorite Big Bird.

Made me laugh :o)


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hilarious, Tina!!!!! Made me 'hoot.' You captured some GREAT shots.

AphotoAday said...

Great set of shots... I love the Great Blue Heron... I can usually spot a few out at China Camp, on San Pablo Bay, the northern thumb of San Francisco Bay...

Mary said...

Great photos...don't they look so funny when they do that??

Salty said...

Your are correct, keep watching and a photographic moment will occur. If not there is always another day.

thanks for your visits and comments at Country Captures, I truly appreciate it.

The Tile Lady said...

Oh, I LOVE these wonderful blue heron photos, Tina! You captured him taking care of a basic need (scratching an itch!) so perfectly, and it got you some great shots! I know you are pleased with these!


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