Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer Flings..and their off-springs

Who isn't enjoying seeing all the baby birds? There are those that sit and wait quietly for their breakfast, lunch and dinner, while some contend to scream all day for their daily bug!!
I found this young female Rose-breasted Grosbeak sitting quietly in a cedar tree near the nature center...she looked really shy and timid and I'm afraid I might have scared her as she climbed into a thicket of leaves trying to hide....

but the soft clicking noise of my camera soon caught her curiosity and she turned and gave me a peek-a-through look..saying, Hey lady..I'm trying to lay low here, be good and wait for Mom!!

...mean while Daddy Common Yellowthroat is busy finding those nice juicy worms...What a beautiful bird he is... as he perched in front of the silky threads of several spider webs.

...and baby Red-bellied Woodpecker has finally been successful at extracting a whole peanut from the feeder...Yea!! He worked so long to get this peanut!!

but the most exciting parents I saw this breeding season were the Yellow-breasted Chats...

I'm not sure which one is the Mom and which one is the Dad..but one was perched on my left and the other on my right with goodies for their off-spring!! Very cool birds, hard to catch with the camera as they are forever diving into the tall grasses....this particular morning they were extremely busy getting goodies for the screaming crowd in the nest so I had plenty of opportunities to get some shots. Oh, how I wished for a peek at those chirping babies.

and.. speaking of babies...ours is celebrating his 12th birthday....he's definitely not a bird but he is a bird-dog!! A Brittany Spaniel....seen here at 13 weeks...way back in 1997

Happy B-Day Sydney and may you have many more!!....and lastly we have a Daddy raptor...well, no, not a real bird raptor but definitely a cool one ( the F-22) one I love to watch. We are off to, yet, another airshow, full scale this time.. and I won't have my computer with I will be catching up with all of you when I get back. Good birding and enjoy the week!!


Craig Glenn said...

Great post Tina, love that puppy! HB!

Have a nice trip.


George said...

I truly enjoyed reading about all the bird families in your yard. You got some great pictures of the parents at work.
Enjoy the air show. I look forward to your pictures when you get back.

Shelley said...

I just love those Grosbeaks! I think they get used to you and get pretty tame. Mine let me stand about 5 feet away to shoot photos. Loved all your other birdies and especially your precious pup! Happy Birthday!!! (Scout sends big puppy smooches!)

JKoenig said...

You still have some of the more unusual birds in your yard. I had a lot of the grosbeaks earlier this spring, but I guess they were just passing through...

Neat pictures, awesome plane and what a precious much-loved dog.

Enjoy your trip!

The Early Birder said...

Great to see so much activity in your yard Tina. Over here most of them are hiding away as they moult after breeding - that's why I have to take the early morning walks to see wildlife.
Have a fun trip. Lol FAB

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Tina: Very nice captures of your neat birds. We have a lot of baby Cardinals this year, they must have had a great breeding season.

Leeloo's mum said...

Happy birthday Sydney!!
Are those chats ever pretty! I love the yellow, they remind me of yellowthroats. I always thought it was so sweet how birds care so much for their youngs. They're alot like us in a way :)
Have a great trip Tina!

Gail said...

Happy Birthday, Sydney, are you named after Sydney Greenstreet? He's my cousin.

Leedra said...

Enjoy the air show.

Great capture of the woodpecker with his first nut.

Leedra’s Photos For Fun

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I sure am glad I don't have to pick a favorite.The Raptor would be pretty close to the real birds.The picture of the Common yellowthroat is just perfect.Have fun at the airshow.

A New England Life said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog Tina! These are wonderful photos! Really nice!

I'm not seeing much for baby birds around anymore. In fact I've seen swallows starting to gather together in large groups as they tend to do a few weeks before they start heading south. And tonight I even saw birds flying out over the ocean in a V formation! Yikes!

Eek out every moment of summer you can. It goes by far to quickly, just like those 12 years of your babies life.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Happy Birthday Sydney... What a cutie!!!! And guess what???? I could tell he is not a bird. Ain't I smart???????? ha ha ha

Love your header... Is that a Bobolink????? Beautiful bird.

Have fun at the airshow.

HANNIBAL said...

Cool post! How lucky with the Chats! Wow! Nice photos Tina! Airshow fan? Me too! Very cool!

dAwN said...

Love the chat..a bird that cracks me up as it chats and chats and chats..
And it sure is a beauty!
I do love looking at the fledglings..i have to say I have a hard time on the ID of some of these birds.
Have a great time at the Air show!
Happy Birthday to your Pup!

Chris Petrak said...

When they've got young to feed, they finally come out of hiding - wonderful series of pics!

Bird Girl said...

Tina - I keep coming back to look at these chats! How lucky that you can get that close to them!! I have to really go on a hunt to see them and they are always way up in the trees OR just a flash flying past me! These are such wonderful images!

Bird Girl said...

You know...I thought I had already left a comment and I must have looked and then intended to come back later and forgot - so sorry!!!
Your common yellowthroat is a great capture and also the rose-breasted grosbeak hiding in the cedar tree! Happy birthday to Sydney (better late than never ;-)
Awesome shot of the F-22s!

The Tile Lady said...

Love all these great shots! Wow, a yellow-breasted chat. I had never even heard of one, much less seen one! It's neat! The Brittany Spaniel is adorable. We lost our sweet Rhodesian Ridgeback this past spring to cancer, and have been oohing and aahing at every cute dog we see, and remembering.,...The F-22's caught Russell's eye, of course! :-)
I've been gone most of the summer, or had our grandson here, and haven't been visiting everyone online. I hope I haven't been forgotten! I'll try to get caught up. It was great looking at your blog again!

Neal said...

Beautiful bird pictures. I love the second shot of your's like he's thinking "Do I have to do this?" :)

Eve said...

Hugs for Sydney! I would love to see a Chat and a trip to see F/22!! What fun! Did you get more pictures???

Jack said...

Thats really a great shot..keep going...amazing to see all ur pictures..

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