Wednesday, September 9, 2009

a tough question to answer...

Only two showed up in this litter..when usually 9 or more are seen....but our breeder will likely try again later this year. This gives us more time to wrestle with all the pros and cons..but time is running out and we have to make that big decision to get on the "I want a new Brittany Spaniel list" or not. His Brittanys go fast...he has had this lineage going since the mid 60s and he only breeds every 7 years.
...oh, they are just too darn cute at 3 weeks of age...I'm already smitten with this guy... but 16 years is a long time..and now that we are retired there is travel to think about..a chance to just up and know?? I don't have a puppy sitter..and I hate to kennel.

thoughts like.. how could we live without an orange and white critter watching our every move...that nose waiting at the door as you open it..bringing the leash and every toy in the toy box, saying play with me...walk me...creep into our conversations..but thoughts of puppy life and puppy training....time out from birding??? Sigh, I just don't know...
Gee, what do you think...our first Brittany lived to be 16, her nephew, just turned 12..neither dog ever had a sick day in their life..but oh my, what a commitment!!! what do ya think...?


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Hmmm,can't help you with this one.Those little guys sure are cute.I am sure you will come up with the right choice.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Such a tough decision...
I love dogs but fully understand the commitment. You'll make the right choice.

(so cute!)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh---I can't help you Tina. IF it were me, I wouldn't get another dog now ---because of our retirement and travel situation... BUT--I'm not you, and you will have to make up your own mind.

It will be a hard decision --but I'm sure you will make the right choice, for YOU!!! Good Luck!


Nick S said...

Whata beautiful little dog !!!!

NCmountainwoman said...

Such a difficult decision, but you are definitely asking the right questions. You already know the breed characteristics and know that it fits your lifestyle.

I can tell you that having a dog (in our case two of them) puts a damper on a lot of activities. We tend to go out less and take far fewer trips even though we have a wonderful dog sitter and two walkers who will let the dogs out. We were so spoiled when we lived in WI because our daughter was single and would come to house and dog sit when we took vacations.

I think it's such a personal thing. I know for a fact that my husband could not live happily without a dog, so we will always have one. Much as I love both of our dogs, I was content before we got them and should something happen I would prefer not to get another dog.

Just make the decision when you are NOT HOLDING that adorable puppy!

JKoenig said...

Oh, how precious! I understand your your feelings. It has been a few years since we have had a dog, but I still get those feelings when I see one that reminds me of Gidget. My parents used to dog sit for us when we were gone, but with them in their 90's, that just can't happen anymore; so for us at this time in our lives, it just wouldn't be practical.

You have a though decision. That sure is one cute puppy!

HANNIBAL said...

Retired...Yes, it's a good time!

Winter approaching...Yes, it's a good time!(Not much birding!)


Everything that goes along with training...No!

But...Reading between the lines, you don't want to wait another 7 years, which means you do want another puppy some day. Is that now?

He's sooo cute!

Can you wait 7 years and enjoy life without paws?

What would be different in 7 years?

You know the answer!

jalynn01 said...

It would probably be much easier to make the decision if you weren't holding that darling puppy in your lap!! Looks like you are asking all the right questions so I have to assume you will get to the right answer!! Good luck which ever way it goes. That puppy sure is cute though..:-)

The Early Birder said...

Tough decision Tina, But I feel you'll know what is right for you.

Trys T. Bear said...

I'd have to recommend getting 2 puppies! That way they can entertain themselves while your away. Maybe if you have a daughter or son you could pay them (it'd probably have to be alot) to come watch the dogs while you are away. Or I'd wait the seven years and get one next time around!!

I also hear goldfish make great pets and are easily left alone. ;)

Tina said...

Ruth, Yes, I'm sure we will :)

Lynne, Tis tough but not really a problem..I'm prob making more out of it than I need to...a doggie drama queen!!

Betsy, YES, I also want to travel and I think that is my major drawback!!

Nick, thanks for stopping by..

NC Mount. I believe you and I have similar hubbies...mine can't picture us not having a dog..who would he tease and rough house with..the kids are gone! lol

JKonig..We have a wonderful dog sitter now..hubby's Mom..and our 12 yr old does very well staying with her..but I don't think she would agree to watching a more vibrant jumpy, active puppy..she likes our, I'll just lay at your feet dog..the way he is..quiet, well mannered and loving!!

Hannibal, Thanks for your thoughts..I guess I can also read between those since I wrote them. Having just gotten a new puppy, understand how much time on task it takes to train for good manners..and like you said..not to much birding in the winter..sigh..

Yes, having them so near the tough..and aren't all those gosh darn puppies just too cute..such a draw to an animal lover..thanks for stopping by.

EB, Thanks for stopping by. We will come up with an answer..and I appreciate your nice words.

lol..I almost put in this post that Sally wasn't allowed to comment. I forgot that dumb fish lived to be 12 yrs old..besides how can Sally babysit if she is planning on entering the crayon coloring contest at the shop center on periwinkle way?

Chris Petrak said...

Oh dear, I just can't help myself - those pups are so cute!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Tina: Beautiful pups, we had a Brittay as a kid.

Eve said...

Oh Tina! How can you say no!! He'd probably make a fine birder!!!

George said...

I'm glad I don't have to make that decision. The puppy sure is cute. We had a Brittany Spaniel when my kids were growing up -- the best dog we ever had. However, I don't think I'm ready to be tied down with a dog right now.

would like to hear your thoughts..