Saturday, December 6, 2008

brave little bird...

One little wren visits my feeder, so cute and serene, seemingly taking a nap....and then I remember..
wake up, wake up little wren, you can't NAP at this'll be a cooper 's snack for sure..
looking at that those little glaring eyes, I don't think he appreciated my concern.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Good Morning Tina... We have a little Carolina wren visiting our feeders on occasion. They are usually NOT in big groups --like the other birds. BUT--they are such adorable birds!! Great picture.

Gail said...

Is there a humane way to move your Cooper's Hawk? By the way, that is the name of our golf course here.

Tina said...

Hi Betsy,
Good to see you are home. Yes this little guy is so cute..and we notice he doesn't seem to have much of a tail at all!

Gail, I think I will have to just be patient and hope they move on..only saw the older one today..but we aren't seeing any evidence that either one is being successful with feeding from this yard. One plus out of this is that the squirrels are not coming around as much either! :)

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Such a cute little bird,hope he avoids the Hawks.

Eve said...

He was about to fall asleep wasn't he!!! Ok Tina I messed up and put a post in kind of in a bad place...anyway long story short...go here
I have something there for you.

fishing guy said...

Tina: It is hard to avoid the confrontation of the two birds. That was a neat photo of the wren.

Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

Hello Tina,

You asked me to post photos of cedar and waxwings. We do not have those birds here where I live. And all of the photos you see on my birds blog or on my Brookville Daily Photo blog, but especially the birds blog, are taken in my small back yard. So what comes in more than once is probably photographed and what doesn't is never photographed.

Here where I live in Southwestern Ohio, north of Dayton, the home of aviation, the Wright Brothers and Paul Lawrence Dunbar, the poet; it is snowing and has all day. It is 27 degrees F ( -2.7 C)and roads are a mess.

I wanted to thank you for your visits and for keeping track of me while I have been both in and out of the hospital. I just saw you comment on my birds blog today as I have been in the hospita for a week.

Kallen305 said...

Love those Carolina Wrens. I bet the coopers will move on in a day or so, once he realizes that it's too hard for him to get his meal from your yard.

I would totally bum if I had hawks hanging around my feeders for more than a day. Especaially considering there are a ton of pigeons across the street from me. That's a far more substantial meal for him than a little song bird from my yard. ;o)

BTW: I love your little water dish for the birds. My friend has one of those too and the birds prefer that to her bird bath.

I hope your hawk leaves soon so you can enjoy your bird watching again.

Tina said... too!

Eve, he looked like he was trying to nap! I tried the link you left but it wouldn't work... if the link was to your post titled "Thanks Carolyn", I stopped by and left you a message the other day..and thanks again for my award!! You're sweet for thinking of me.

Fg Thanks for stopping by birthday guy!!

Abe, so glad you are feeling a little better, thanks for sharing.

Kallen, I am a little bummed in the morning as that's when the hawks show up but by afternoon I do have birds feeding now and then..and the bird bath heater IS working VERY well...anxious to see how many birds use it!

Chris said...

Hi Tina.
A very nice picture. There are not that easy to shoot. We have the common wren here in Iceland, but it is moving so fast that getting a nice picture is a nightmare!!!

NCmountainwoman said...

Lovely little wren. Here's hoping the Cooper takes something else.

Bird Girl said...

Hi Tina -
How cute to catch the Caronlin Wren napping - and his eye is very sharp for sure in that second shot! You are wise to worry about Mr. Coopers - I would have to see such a darling little bird 'lunch'!
By the way, thank you for your beautiful comment about my writing!

Neal said...

I just love wrens. When I was growing up (and not out:) ) we always had a wren's nest on our porch and I just love to sit and watch them.

Tina said...

Chris, Thanks for your nice comments.

Helen, Thanks,as we ate our lunch, today, we saw the older hawk take two swipes at our feeders but came up short ea time..

Barb, Yea, I seem to look out the windows quite a bit for big birds sitting in my trees and you are welcome. I LOVE reading B&B i know why ;-)

Neil, I love when the birds make their nests close to where we can see their progress! Thanks for stopping by.

The Tile Lady said...

He's sweet! Hope he stays away from the hawks!


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