Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How to save money on bird seed.....

You can tell he's in his teenage state-of-mind, he doesn't get to my fence until mid-morning!
look'en this way and that...
wondering why there aren't any birds at the feeders????
maybe, it's because the older guy gets there early and scatters any birds that are even thinking about visiting the feeders!! We seem to be in a holding pattern here....grrr

shoo shoo!!


Shellmo said...

Tina - you get some of the best birds! I do love these hawks - but hope they cut you a break so your smaller feathered friends can come visit without fear!

Lynne said...

Jeepers Tina! These pictures are fabulous! Love the story too.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

You win some,you lose some.Great shots.

Craig Glenn said...

Wow, a two for!

Great photo's, I love the last one with him flying away. Nicely done Tina.

Thanks for all the kind comments today.


T and S said...

Well captured Tina. You have been very lucky to get such head on images

Neal said...

You sure do get some good shots! I need to find your secret. :)

Thanks for the link on my blog and you're more than welcome to write all you want to. I always enjoy your comments.

Eve said...

Ha Ha Ha!! Tina I know this time of year when there's no birds at my feeder that means the Northern Shrike is somewhere out there. I hope to see one soon.
Love your pictures!

fishing guy said...

Tina: What a fun post and a neat photos of the hawks. I love to see hawks sitting or on the wing. I had one get a robin in the back yard and all that was left was a little down.

HANNIBAL said...

Well, on the bright side, you get close ups of coopers, on the down side, it's all you get...for now! Shoo!

NCmountainwoman said...

Great photos. Amazing, isn't it, that the young hawks will sit in an obvious spot, easily seen by the prey?

jalynn01 said...

hungry Hawks seem to be everywhere this time of year and what better place than where a bird feeder is serving up their favorite meals!! Great pictures. Love the guy on the fence... lookin this-a way and that!! haha

Tina said...

Shelly, Thanks, I know they have to eat also...just wish they would visit elsewhere.

Lynne, ;)

Ruth, Thanks, it's kinda like win and lose at the same time!

Craig, Yes a two for, ha ha

T and S Thank u Thomas!

Neal, Just luck and a nice camera and lens!!

Eve, Hope you see your shrike soon! I could send over a cooper or two??

FG, wow don't think I'd want to see one of the song birds get it...maybe a squirrel or two or three or four!!

Hannibal, you are right have to look on the bright side.. I do see them up close! :)

Helen, you're so right they are a little...dah!

jalynn, Yes, they seem to be all over these days. Just saw three as I was coming home from gro store!!

Anonymous said...

I am able to comment on one or two blogs but that's about it until I get a lot better.

I am glad I came as I picked your comment as one to reply to.

I see your hawks too. They are just amazing animals.

david mcmahon said...

The last shot is brilliant.

I had a similar experience with a whiskey jack at the Tintina Trench a few weeks ago.

Thanks for the visit and the comment, too.

The Tile Lady said...

Very cool photos of the two hawks! (Cooper's? Sharp-shinned?)How fortunate you are to have had them visit, but I know they were looking for a bird snack. Love the last one with the blur of the wings!

Thanks for your comment on my cross-stitch post! The piece is about 11 X 14 or somewhere close to that.

Corey said...

It's crazy how much darker your Cooper's Hawks are up North than the ones seen in my area. Yours are nearly black on the back where ours are much more slate-gray. Great photos!

would like to hear your thoughts..