Friday, April 30, 2010


Wednesday's winds came from the north.. but Thursday's winds came from the south west and this morning the trees were filled with little visiting birds! As usual, those ole Warblers hung out at the very top of the oak trees, killing our necks as we tried to find them. We did manage to spot some Blk and Whites, a few N. Parulas, a Black-Throated Green and several of those cute little butter rumps... but this little Oven Bird seemed to be the loudest of bird of all. I've only ever seen one other Oven bird but today we heard and saw quite a few....

plus he really made this retired educator think of all the "many" creative minds she taught.. as he belted out his song that sounded like he was saying... TEACHer TEACHer..TEACHer. A calling I would much rather hear, these days, come from "one" cute little bird... ;-0

Monday, April 26, 2010

An Early Morning sweet it is!!

I always make a list of what I want to accomplish for the next day, but like so many us these sunny days, I find that it doesn't take much for me to abandon my list and head out doors to enjoy the Spring Art Show that Mother Nature is displaying for us. I was visiting Bowman's Tower at Washington's Crossing, Pa. over the weekend. As we walked the paths at the foot of the hill we came across many a path that were lined with gorgeous Virginia Blue Bells.

...this little Field Sparrow quieted his singing to peek at who was passing by...
How lucky for us to spot two little Louisiana Water Thrushes high stepping all the stones and rocks that line the creek...I wasn't able to capture both at once...they are quite fast as they hop to catch what's next on the menu. on the photo to see those famous "bubble gum colored legs"..Such a nice day to see some Columbine enjoying the warming rays of the sun.

and it can't be Spring without a few Jack-in-the-Pulpits sprouting along the trails...also known as Indian turnips!or the sweet shape of the trillium...such color and greenery. Who would have thought we would be enjoying it all so early in the year.

Mean while, back at the ranch, yawn...the debate is still going on...but at least these Eastern Blues are checking out the blue bird boxes together...sort of..
the "old sweet home" with some curb appeal and a front "stoop" or the new estate with vaulted ceiling and hard wood floors?? Tsk Tsk..such virgins... I suppose! ;-)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spinning and Sidetracked!

It's April 17th, high today in the 50s, showers, chilly winds...just like April should be, here in the NE...but wait, are those azaleas blooming already and are those bleeding hearts showing their lovely drooping teardrops? well as my tulips? But it's only the middle of April!! I've actually cut my grass three times already...not that I mind, I don't mind cutting grass...but what is going on??? Don't get me wrong I LOVE all this color, sun, high temps and showers but I do go to sleep at night adding to my thoughts and prayers, please, don't let a nasty freeze come along and kill all these gorgeous flowers, buds and little broods of birds trying to survive these fickle temps! It's only April!!

I am so far behind in my yard work. Things are blooming that usually don't bloom until after Mother's Day... I still need to plant these two Winterberry Holly bushes but I'm waiting for a tree service to clear out a dying old gum tree...and I thought I booked his service early??My pansies are going crazy with those 80 and 90 degrees we hit a few weeks ago...

even my plants I bring indoors, for the winter, are bursting forth with color and blooms...
Yikes, I thought by now I would have all my birdees I saw over the last year listed in my new bird journal...

...even my wonderful blues are still trying to make up their minds on which house to settle in..."the new one...oh, so much room... honey???"

or the old house on the other side of the lot...that weathered ole shanty. She seems to like this one but he keeps sitting on the new one???

I still have my woodpeckers cleaning me out of the remaining suet that is still hanging in the trees... big gobs of it in this Downy's bill. He's usually such a neat and tidy eater..?
and to add to the confusion of this gorgeous, early but wonderful Spring..I have flickers not only gobbling up the ants that are trying to find other means of housing in my still flooded back yard..but even he is attacking the suet?

Me, I'm still trying to finish up those indoor this fabric wall hanging of poppies..but that ole sun and those wonderful smells of hyacinths and Mother Nature who keeps calling to come out has kept me in a continuous spin of confusion. I think she is putting a spin on all of us these days, but as my better half says, not a bad problem to have, Tina! Yep, I guess he's right.. sooooo, what was I doing before I got sidetracked at this computer???

Monday, March 29, 2010

A "ruddy" good bath!!!

Hello computer went awol for a few weeks, so I did some house renovations and re-decorating, created another quilted wall hanging (not birds this time ;-) ..and believe it or not, this week, I finally finished editing all the photos from my Fl. trip. Whew! The photos of this little Ruddy Turnstone taking his morning dip really don't need too many words of explanation...he was a joy to watch as he strolled to the water's edge....I did have to laugh out loud when he put his head completely under tho...enjoy!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Times are tough!

I love keeping an eye on our feeders early in the morning just so I can see 'who' might be visiting! Due to all the nasty weather that has come our way, finding food has been a difficult chore for all these little creatures.
I have been trying to put out a variety of foods to appease all feathered appetites..even dried meal worms (ouch $$$) and raisins as well as a mixture of other fruits, nuts and seeds. Recently we have had Northern Flickers and Robins eating our beef suet! Not your everyday sight!

..but as always, experience counts for eating this " twirling treat" and keeping one's balance at the same time! So much energy to get a few bites..but they keep coming back!
Hang in there!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Corkscrew Swamp!! Put this one on your "must visit list!"

Corkscrew Swamp, 25 miles east of Fort Meyers Fl. is an amazing place to visit! (we actually went twice!) This swamp shares sights and vistas that will thrill everyone in your family.
The Swamp was once a part of a timber package that was to be leveled for its wonderful cypress trees. However, a group of conservationists were able to persuade the owners to lease the acreage and allow it to become an area where one could enjoy the flora and the wildlife. There's more to this story but that is the short and sweet part of it!! The boardwalk, allows one to roam selected acreage and seek out all that live, visit and nest there! The walk is about 2 1/2 miles but there is also an option of a 1 mile walk.
We were thrilled with all the species of birds we saw. Our first encounter was with the Brown-headed, White-breasted and Red-breasted Nuthatches (all in one tree!) Eight different species of Warblers, Flycatchers, Gnatcatchers, Ibis, Herons and even this "lovely couple" of Black Vultures!

and of course, it's have to see a gator or two or three!
but then there was this large sign to remind you to look down.. as much as you want to look up! BUT just so you know.. We visited twice in two weeks and did not see one little ole snake!
Entertainment came in many forms. We loved watching this fox squirrel...hamming it up for the cameras BUT I have to say the jewel of the whole trip was....
this little male Painted Bunting..OMGoodness he was a feast of color! The lady standing next to me whispered, "I have been waiting 6 years to see a Painted Bunting!" That made me feel pretty darn lucky!

..and then, just for her, I'm sure of it, there were two male Painted Buntings! What gorgeous birds!!
..and then when you think it couldn't get any better..the Mrs. flies in to take her place next to her gorgeous mate!! She poses as if she knows everyone has a camera.. First, a tilt of the head for a little side view.
or maybe you want this pose!! So nice!!
and not far along on the board walk we are awed by this Barred Owl! He was just waking up as we were tip-toeing past!
We were lucky to see many species of woodpeckers, many Red-Shouldered Hawks, raccoons, otters, deer, large Red-Bellied name it!! By mid-morning everyone was out and about and I thought this gentlemen was just pushing a toddler in this stroller... but when I looked down I had to laugh...sorry, it is a little blurry.. it was one of those walk-on-by-and-take-a-quick-pix!! I didn't want him to know I was taking a picture of his most prize possession..but I can see why you would want to push this monster and not have to carry it. Jeeze, now that's a lens!! Corkscrew is definitely a photographers dream walk. I would suggest you put it on your list to visit if you ever head to this part of Florida! You won't be disappointed!!

I also wanted to share another major find for us...A gorgeous Crested Caracara. He wasn't found at Corkscrew Swamp but on a lonely road known as Route 832 north of Corkscrew. We specifically traveled to this road to look for the Caracara and were rewarded during our second visit! We only saw one but he was close to the road and didn't seem to mind us watching him!!

would like to hear your thoughts..