Friday, May 8, 2009

The Bushy Tail Nutcracker!!!

Gimme, gimme gimme...we all know the the call of the Bushy-Tail Nutcracker... I can feel his presence even before I open the curtains in the morning. Oh, I know he has to eat too, so I ignored his lack of manners and continued to fill the peanut feeder.
it wasn't until that Blue Jay caught my ear and shared his opinion about those bushy-tails that I decided it was time...time to buy and create a few new feeders that I have had my eye on for a while...

I had been surfing the net and came across this large platform feeder. I liked the fact that one can remove the metal trays for cleaning and that several birds can feed at once. The feeder pole has several different sized extensions one can buy to add supports for items, such as meal worm feeders or suet holders. The one inch steel pole will also support a hopper feeder at its top...but for today we just picked up a few necessaries and of course that all important squirrel baffle.
I capped it with a metal silhouette of a cardinal...and I'm loving the fact that as of day four no squirrels have made it onto the platform....but they are clever little creatures I won't say ah ha..just yet!
as for the peanut feeder, itself, my husband created the one below that now holds whole peanuts. The woodpeckers, blue jays and the real Nuthatch seem to love it... The piece at the bottom unscrews which makes it easy to empty the shells and replenish it with fresh peanuts. We have watched those ole bushy-tails attempt to reach it and so far their calls have gone from gimme gimme gimme to.. I think I can, I think I can...but with no far...;0

would like to hear your thoughts..