Friday, October 9, 2009

Hey, is anybody out there?

...a lone visitor, outside my window. He sits and he calls...over and over and over...definitely not much happening for him or me when it comes to backyard bird visits!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Not a hawk!!

Recently, I visited Cape May, New Jersey. I spent one day bird watching and lucky for me.. this little Cape May Warbler was visiting too!! We were near the Hawk Watch station and this little guy grabbed every one's attention when he and the Mrs. landed near the Hawk Watch platform.. (sorry I wasn't fast enough to catch her!) I barely had time to focus on getting a few shots of him!! I don't think I've ever seen so many binoculars all pointed in one direction before..I kept thinking THAT would make a neat picture ..but these little birds were moving too fast to stop and take a shot of all the bird watchers!He was like a little jet plane zooming among the branches and leaves...but here he is picking some kind of worm off of a branch.. his head and bill are bent forward.. toward his tummy!
It's amazing to me that he will eventually fly to the West Indies where he will spend his winter ...such a long distance for such a tiny bird! I get tired just thinking about it! ;-0

Monday, October 5, 2009

Tumbling into Fall

There's not much to see and photograph these days as far as migrating song birds go...the weather has been very windy and cool...but it's still nice to get out and walk. We are quickly tumbling into fall-like weather and temps. and everyone is digging out their favorite sweaters and coats. During my walk this morning I found this Lesser Yellowlegs foraging the shallow waters near a wooded swamp. Lesser Yellowlegs are frequent visitors to this area. A very pretty wader..with a long and pointed bill...his marking were very pretty but it was those yellow legs reflecting in the water that made me take his picture.

Another lone visitor who allowed me to capture a couple photos of her was this Black-Throated Green Warbler. Fast and furious was a better description of her flying abilities. She was hungry and apparently saw something that caught her eye!

Thank goodness she decided to stop and enjoy her catch..or I would have only seen a glimpse of her as she flitted away! Oh well, it was a nice walk. Good for the heart as well as the soul.
Tomorrow the winds are suppose to calm down a bit..hopefully I can get back out to see what other nature treats October will bring.

would like to hear your thoughts..