Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Was this my lucky day or what? Once again I'm back at the lake hoping to catch a glimpse and possibly take a picture or two of a great blue heron. I was making my way to a small inlet where I knew the heron might look for fish. I'm paying more attention to where I am stepping because of the abundance of poison ivy and briers. The harsh chattering of a nearby kingfisher makes me look up and there they were, quietly perched, perusing over the waters below. One looking to the east, one looking to the west.

I tried to remain as quiet as possible but I'm sure they spotted me before I saw them. That chattering kingfisher definitely gave me away, but if it hadn't been for him would I have looked up in time? My hands are shaking, as I can't believe my luck and I'm hoping that VR feature on my lens is working at peak performance and does its job!

I center, pray and shoot and at this point there are no words... just the flapping sounds of their wings lifting them and I'm not really believing that I'm watching two eagles soar over my head.

I finally move to the shore and sit down as they disappear from my view. I've totally forgotten about the blue heron, as I scan through the shots I've just taken. Several minutes have lapsed when I notice a broad-wing bird approaching me. Wow, it's one of the eagles and not only is it coming back to the same tree, he brought lunch! He lands and seemed to be waiting, was he looking for his mate, or a place to quietly dine or just giving me one more opportunity to photograph the image of a magnificent creature. Whatever his reason, I was happy to oblige!

would like to hear your thoughts..