Friday, July 17, 2009

Goldfinches amid the colors of Summer!

So much work for such a little tiny seed!
I found this pair of American Goldfinches seeking those tiny little thistle seeds. Fields of Canadian thistle beginning to seed...taking to the air like flocks of tiny white birds...

He, on one side of the path and...
she on the other...a perfect place for lunch!

It was a nice to see the finches feeding from Mother Nature. I usually see them hanging upside down on my nyjer feeders..
Such a lovely contrast of textures and color...on such a nice day!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Giving Pond

Early Friday morning I went with some friends to a place called the Giving Pond. A 90 acre park near the Delaware Canal State Park. We were in search of those fluttering butterflies....Lots of pictures to show... (and if I incorrectly id something, let me know..I'm always learning.... ;-)

A Pearl Crescent Butterfly, posing for me...

Eastern Tailed-blue...Some dew drops clinging to the leaves as we walk in the chill of the morning.
Sensitive fern...why the name?? because it is the first fern to react to Autumn's cooling temps, so they say...
Couldn't id this one...maybe one of you can?? A buckeye??
Sassafras plant..recognized by me because of the mitten leaf..even though it carries 3 different leaves.
I found out, after drinking tons of root beer in my early years, it is now being seen as a possible cause of liver cancer?? ahhh!
Cabbage butterfly....
Purple milkweed, rare find for S.E. pa., likes more acidic soils, doesn't produce as much foliage but really cool butterflies love the admirals, and fritillaries.
Silver-spotted spiral tongue!!..even tho they taste with their feet!
Northern Crescent...very common, but pretty design...
Yea, yea, I know, I'm not a butterfly, she saw me last and I think I'm still the cutest thing going in the forest! Wink!! Wink!!

would like to hear your thoughts..