Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hidden but not hiding...nest boxes redefined..

When its sunny but cold and the temps are falling instead of rising.. all of God's creatures seem to find a way to stay warm... even if you happen to be a member of a fairly large family!! I think these little bees just might be thinking about stay'en on for a while. The house size looks to be about right (probably still holding a couple thousand bees) ..they seem to have an interesting exterior design worked out, that honey-comb pattern just might work....

plus the neighbor is really cute and friendly......even if his house is a little shabby chic. ;-)

Monday, April 6, 2009

a Tsee, Tsee tiny song...all for me ;-)

I never saw so many little flitty birds zooming in and out of the trees and scrubs.. not much bigger than a hummingbird, always in motion, jumping from one branch to another, one tree to another. Such pep... energy I could have used after attempting to photograph these tiny Golden-Crowned Kinglets. I felt as if I just finished a class of aerobics with some calestentics thrown in..all that twisting and turning, bending and reaching..but oh so worth it!! We were, again, visiting Magee Marsh in Ohio and were enjoying an early morning of clear skies and sunshine. Our first walk was through a heavily wooded area with lots of conifers and shrubs. I spotted this little guy first, as he stopped to preen a few feathers.. and then to give me a tsee, tsee.. tiny song... and at the last moment a little lift in his cap revealing that nice orange patch that is bordered in yellow and black!!! Yeah!

Wasn't it so nice that he posed for me? Such a cutie, and with such a friendly disposition.
The blue sky behind him really made him stand out... for her, a little shy, maybe, as she only wanted to show me her back...can't tell you the number of pictures I have of her but back, front, top or bottom..these little Kinglets were wonderful to watch and admire!!

would like to hear your thoughts..