Friday, September 26, 2008

Free Housing, no mortgage, cheep cheep

Fall, a time to think about getting ready for winter and the holidays. It was just a visit to the local craft store to look at orange and black decorations..and there they sat looking right at me. Cheap housing. Hmmm .

A little paint and find it a good location. Maybe under the eve of the house,.. good protection and near food and water.

We have so many Downy Woodpeckers that I thought maybe we could attract one to adopt this little house for those cold nights!

She didn't appear to be interested until just about dusk several days later.
She visited several times, poking her head through the predator guard, hey, anyone in there?

Finally, around 7 o'clock, a week after I had installed and advertised "cheep" housing, she decided it was just for her!
She arrives daily around dusk and leaves right after sunrise. For now she is contented!

would like to hear your thoughts..