Saturday, February 7, 2009

The squeaky toy...

He sat in our oak tree, which is about 25 feet from our kitchen window...a very pretty guy!
Quite patient...maybe he was just enjoying our 50 degree temps we had today but I actually think he was watching the dog play with a squeaky toy. It would have been so interesting to 'really' know what was going on in his little mind.

He kept an eye on the dog as it ran around the yard..carrying and squeaking the ball!!
At one point I thought maybe he might join in on the fun game, as the dog was totally playing alone... Thank goodness our dog is 48 pounds and not a tiny dog!!!!!
The dog tossed the ball into the air and it rolled under the oak tree...

and then it rolled behind the oak tree...

Then he noticed me clicking away through the open kitchen window...
He immediately straightened his pose, gave me a serious look, that said, ahem... I really wasn't interested in the squeaky toy or furry creature at all!!
and the best part was that the furry creature with the squeaky toy was clueless that he was being watched from far above.

Friday, February 6, 2009

fleeting flickers

These two Northern Flickers were too fast and flitty for anything other than a couple, run out the door, snapshots. They flew into my backyard this morning with such a burst of color. Wow! I think they would have stayed longer but it seemed our local mocking bird wasn't as thrilled with their presence as I was...because he soon ran them off. So much noise from one little gray bird!

A couple quick pics from far away and they were today's history! :('s not like they were after your suet!!

would like to hear your thoughts..