Sunday, March 15, 2009

Getting my ducks all in a row....

.....and to think that on Friday night I sat looking at some local maps, with pen in hand.. lining up my ducks, so to speak, picking and choosing what lakes, dams, rivers and creeks I might fit into a Saturday's drive.. looking for that elusive wood duck....and here he was in a small cistern at the edge of a retirement community that is about 2 miles from my house!! Not that I minded, you know, spending the day outside, driving, walking and visiting with nature, I just never gave it a thought that this beautiful creature was calmly paddling away in a nearby cistern, hanging out with the mallards? I found him at the end of my drive, and I have to say he has to be the most beautiful of all the waterfowl I have seen to date!
He didn't seem to have a mate..but seemed to have a good friend who swam close by and accompanied him all around the small cistern. I just wished she could have gotten rid of that darn feather that was stuck to her bill!!
The day was more cloudy than sunny, with a little wind but the temps did climb into the low 50s!
I stared and stared (with the alternate clicking sounds of my camera) so enjoying this little guy and all those wonderful colors. Right before I left he actually swam towards me and stopped short and seemed to look me right in the eye... as if to say, "one more picture, girl, and then you gotta go!!"
I obliged, but I plan on going back, hoping he stays near by... better yet... I hope he finds himself a mate and calls this little cistern home!

would like to hear your thoughts..