Thursday, September 3, 2009


They're back!! I have had the best time, the last few days, finding warblers that I missed in the Spring...oh, they were there but Tina wasn't that fast at finding them with her binoculars way back then. I would see them, with my eyes, waaay up there in the tops of those trees but then finding that same branch through a pair of binoculars was a skill I still had to practice..and of course, one must do all of the above in a few seconds as these guys flit and flitter so fast that I more or less missed seeing them in all their spring colors ..but persistence has paid off during their return visit. My first sighting Thursday, however, was in stunning black and white..A small little Black-in-White Warbler...first, looking right at me and then posing for a profile shot! How nice! Our weather has been very cool mornings with highs in the low 80s. Perfect for enjoying the quick glimpses we are getting of these visiting birds.

would like to hear your thoughts..