Saturday, February 13, 2010

Returning to Reality..

Wow, why do vacations seem to fly by!! It seems you wait and wait for the time to arrive, organizing your plans..your thoughts, packing, driving and poof it goes by so fast! Sanibel Island, off the coast of Fort Meyers, is my favorite place to visit during those winter months! We stay in the same condos every year...this year it was the 3d floor top right corner. A beautiful view of the gulf. ..a place to fish and bird.. I think this Great Blue Heron has "been there, done that" before. The waiting game!! Who will be take home the prize?
a great place to of the two best in the world..I hear. Hawaii, I believe, is said to be the other one.
..a wonderful place to stroll, looking for the usual residents..
... brown pelicans..
the every present osprey..who were in the process of nesting while we were there.
..the Red-Shouldered Hawk..whose screaming always makes me think of a squeaking dog toy!!
..the beautiful Anhinga..who is always displaying those gorgeous feathers..
..thisLittle Blue Heron..who seems to be everywhere looking for its lunch.. could I tear myself away from this warm and sunny scene to return to..
this one?? Hmm you say..this is also beautiful..but oh my achy..from shoveling.. shoulders and did I mention my lower back.. ;-)

would like to hear your thoughts..