Friday, September 18, 2009

Hot Spots!

Up at dawn and out on the paths for a morning walk was my idea of a great start to a great day. How I will feel by this evening will be another matter.. :0
As I walk looking for birds, these late summer days, I am finding that there seems to be little hot spots that you come across where several different kinds of birds are quite active..and if you just stand still you can catch, ever so slightly, a glimpse of this one and that one. I saw quite a few black and white Warblers, a few Parulas, a Black-Throated Green Warbler but the only early bird, nice enough to sit on a branch closer to the ground was a cute little Common Yellow-throat Warbler...of course we all know they don't stay around too long..and I was given a gift that this one stayed as long as it did...
Mid way through my morning I caught this little bird as it flew into a nearby bush... I am going to guess at this fellow, a Yellow-bellied flycatcher...or so I think..? I saw him several times.. but way up in the canopies of trees chasing bugs and was quite surprised when he/or another came closer to where I was standing.
I heard this little Eastern Towhee before I caught sight of it...there are several who seems to stay in one particular I know if I find I'm not standing in or near that "neat little hot spot" I can always find these little birds who will cooperate with a pose or two!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Forced landing!!

These guys were so close to my husband's model airplanes that he had to land..for fear of them hitting his plane or vice versa!!
I always enjoy watching them glide and soar (they very seldom flap their wings) but we are more amazed at that 6 foot wing span!

I just couldn't resist shooting this guy for Lynne at Hasty Brook!

would like to hear your thoughts..