Monday, July 20, 2009

That ole 100th Post...

This is a blogger moment for me. It's less than a year since I started blogging and I've come to my 100th post. A mile mark most of you have already surpassed, probably quite a while ago. Blogging has become a very enjoyable part of my is one of the reasons I reach out to try and capture a shot of that hard to find bird like the Yellow-billed Cuckoo. The few times I have come across this guy he is ALWAYS, at the top of the tree, usually hidden among the leaves..but hey, it only takes ONE good shot, right...and then maybe I could post it!! Well, it's not that great of a shot but I posted it, anyhow...Such a blogger thing to do!!

Blogging gets me all fired up to take pictures, but then there are times, I'm as slow as you know who, to transfer my photos to my computer, edit them and post them...ahhhh
Sometimes, for a post, I skip the bird yarn thing and want to show you how I play away the when I spend all morning painting "my own version" of the wooden ducks.. that I purchased at a thrift store...just so I could put them in my garden. (couldn't resist putting Wellingtons on my one duck..tee he)

and then there's the posts where I ask questions of my blogger why does this Hairy Woodpecker have an orange spot on its head...where a red one should be? No, really.. why??
but most of all I just want to sing my praises to all of you---who visit my blog and leave me the most enjoyable and nice comments. Words that inform, words that share and words that just make me smile!!
Looking back, I really had a fun time putting together 100 posts... Thanks again for being such nice cyber friends.

would like to hear your thoughts..