Saturday, November 8, 2008

Making scents of it all/Camera Critters

Earlier this fall....
One creature chose to share his scent and the other, unknowingly, accepted it and is now sharing it with others!! Skunked!! ugh!.. good ole tomato juice !ummmm good, ummm good....
ug! maybe I can shake off that smell and that souped up feeling!!
well, I'm souped, de-skunked-shampooed, rinsed, dried and smell okay and I'm not telling them what happens for the next several months when my skin gets wet or damp! whew!! or is it phew!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Bogger award

I was given this blogger award by Betsy from Tennessee. I
appreciate her recognition and do enjoy our blogger friendship!
I have only been blogging for about 6 weeks and I am amazed the number of blogger friends I have met already. I love visiting everyone's site and really enjoy reading and seeing such a variety of posts. My knowledge about blogs and blogger protocol is growing but I have to admit I really don't know much about blogger awards. I was told, however, that I should pass this award along to others, so I would like to recognize a few bloggers who have inspired me, encouraged me and consistently exhibit examples of great blogging! Please see this as a "thank you" and feel free to just keep and or pass it along. :)

To the person whose creative and wonderful blog captured my curiosity ab
out birding and the world of blogging. For his encouragement, his willingness to post my pictures and answer my bird/ blog questions!!
For her amazing collection of wildlife photographs, and her interesting commentaries and opinions about the wilds of central Pennsylvania!
For his wonderful blog and incredible photos from India and all his encouraging comments about blogging!
For her lovely variety when choosing her topics for blogging. I love to see what she is going to feature next!

If you would like, please click on their names to visit their blogs and enjoy their creative interpretations of the world from their back yard!!

Skywatch Friday

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Enjoying an afternoon together.. with no particular place to go....
Isn't it nice when nature provides a fun photo opportunity and also dresses it in complimentary colors?

Sunday, November 2, 2008


What a great way to start one's day! My husband and I (plus the dog) were out for our early morning walk and I spotted this mature Cooper's hawk quietly sitting on a low branch not far from where we were walking. Of course, I didn't have my camera, but we weren't far from the house. Could I make it home and back and have him stay?.. Not a lot of time to ponder this one.. so with a little, he'll-still-be-there encouragement from my husband, I raced home. I really wanted to get some photos of this guy so I crossed my fingers that his morning plans included hanging out in that tree for a while. I was thrilled when I returned to find that he had remained in the same tree but moved to a branch that was actually closer to the road!!
Of course, I am hoping that he would just turn around and face that early morning sun so I could get a photo of all those great colors and patterns on his chest...isn't that what all amateur photographers want, that completely cooperative subject... mmm..could you drop that left shoulder a bit, please.. tilt your head..yea, that's nice.. lol
He really did cooperate by staying for some time... looking for a food source I guess or enjoying the increasing warmth of the sun on his it was a very chilly morning
He eventually flew to a taller tree and of course I just moved with him as he stayed near the road. Several cars passed by..probably thinking who is that crazy person, standing in the middle of the road, taking pictures of a tree!!

He was extremely tolerant of me as I kept clicking away. This is when I appreciate how lucky I am to have a DSLR camera. Being able to take a ton of pictures, view them right away and only save the ones you like is a dream.
I like the way he is looking down upon me... and I believe I know what he is thinking...."go away lady"... but what a great shot this turns out to be, looking up at him. Such great detail in all those fluffy feathers getting caught in the morning breeze!
I knew I had over stayed my welcome...but I had to laugh out loud..
as HE decides that HE has had enough of being the "model hawk"! He looks down at me....then he looks to his left
and then he turns his head completely around so all I could see is the back of his head! Sometimes it is just best to ignore that which is bothering you and maybe it will go away!! Okay, I give in. I put the lens cap back on my camera and start to walk away. I can't help but glance back every few steps and as I watched he swung his head back around to face front and I swear he looked me right in the eye and... winked!!

would like to hear your thoughts..