Friday, April 30, 2010


Wednesday's winds came from the north.. but Thursday's winds came from the south west and this morning the trees were filled with little visiting birds! As usual, those ole Warblers hung out at the very top of the oak trees, killing our necks as we tried to find them. We did manage to spot some Blk and Whites, a few N. Parulas, a Black-Throated Green and several of those cute little butter rumps... but this little Oven Bird seemed to be the loudest of bird of all. I've only ever seen one other Oven bird but today we heard and saw quite a few....

plus he really made this retired educator think of all the "many" creative minds she taught.. as he belted out his song that sounded like he was saying... TEACHer TEACHer..TEACHer. A calling I would much rather hear, these days, come from "one" cute little bird... ;-0

Monday, April 26, 2010

An Early Morning sweet it is!!

I always make a list of what I want to accomplish for the next day, but like so many us these sunny days, I find that it doesn't take much for me to abandon my list and head out doors to enjoy the Spring Art Show that Mother Nature is displaying for us. I was visiting Bowman's Tower at Washington's Crossing, Pa. over the weekend. As we walked the paths at the foot of the hill we came across many a path that were lined with gorgeous Virginia Blue Bells.

...this little Field Sparrow quieted his singing to peek at who was passing by...
How lucky for us to spot two little Louisiana Water Thrushes high stepping all the stones and rocks that line the creek...I wasn't able to capture both at once...they are quite fast as they hop to catch what's next on the menu. on the photo to see those famous "bubble gum colored legs"..Such a nice day to see some Columbine enjoying the warming rays of the sun.

and it can't be Spring without a few Jack-in-the-Pulpits sprouting along the trails...also known as Indian turnips!or the sweet shape of the trillium...such color and greenery. Who would have thought we would be enjoying it all so early in the year.

Mean while, back at the ranch, yawn...the debate is still going on...but at least these Eastern Blues are checking out the blue bird boxes together...sort of..
the "old sweet home" with some curb appeal and a front "stoop" or the new estate with vaulted ceiling and hard wood floors?? Tsk Tsk..such virgins... I suppose! ;-)

would like to hear your thoughts..