Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spinning and Sidetracked!

It's April 17th, high today in the 50s, showers, chilly winds...just like April should be, here in the NE...but wait, are those azaleas blooming already and are those bleeding hearts showing their lovely drooping teardrops? well as my tulips? But it's only the middle of April!! I've actually cut my grass three times already...not that I mind, I don't mind cutting grass...but what is going on??? Don't get me wrong I LOVE all this color, sun, high temps and showers but I do go to sleep at night adding to my thoughts and prayers, please, don't let a nasty freeze come along and kill all these gorgeous flowers, buds and little broods of birds trying to survive these fickle temps! It's only April!!

I am so far behind in my yard work. Things are blooming that usually don't bloom until after Mother's Day... I still need to plant these two Winterberry Holly bushes but I'm waiting for a tree service to clear out a dying old gum tree...and I thought I booked his service early??My pansies are going crazy with those 80 and 90 degrees we hit a few weeks ago...

even my plants I bring indoors, for the winter, are bursting forth with color and blooms...
Yikes, I thought by now I would have all my birdees I saw over the last year listed in my new bird journal...

...even my wonderful blues are still trying to make up their minds on which house to settle in..."the new one...oh, so much room... honey???"

or the old house on the other side of the lot...that weathered ole shanty. She seems to like this one but he keeps sitting on the new one???

I still have my woodpeckers cleaning me out of the remaining suet that is still hanging in the trees... big gobs of it in this Downy's bill. He's usually such a neat and tidy eater..?
and to add to the confusion of this gorgeous, early but wonderful Spring..I have flickers not only gobbling up the ants that are trying to find other means of housing in my still flooded back yard..but even he is attacking the suet?

Me, I'm still trying to finish up those indoor this fabric wall hanging of poppies..but that ole sun and those wonderful smells of hyacinths and Mother Nature who keeps calling to come out has kept me in a continuous spin of confusion. I think she is putting a spin on all of us these days, but as my better half says, not a bad problem to have, Tina! Yep, I guess he's right.. sooooo, what was I doing before I got sidetracked at this computer???

would like to hear your thoughts..